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Videographer UK is founded by Andrew R. Hamilton on the principle of promoting the profitable interests of businesses and educational facilities through web video, viral marketing, and E-Learning

Andrew R. Hamilton is a video production professional with 15 years experience, 8 years of that time he edited national broadcasts for UFC on FOX Sports 1 and MTV’s Spike TV networks. He also earned a Bachelors degree in film and video production in 2002 and combined this classroom and studio production training with his marketing experience and formed Hamilton International Productions in Las Vegas and now Video Solutions and Videographer UK in England.

Through the effective use of video communication our clients are accomplishing their set marketing goals and are developing new strategies to harness this powerful medium.

Andrew has shot and edited conference video all over the world: Las Vegas, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UK, Ireland, Portugal, France, Mexico, and throughout the Southwestern United States. We will travel anywhere in the world to help our clients achieve their vision!

Whether it is videography, editing, still photography, or Web video creation, we measure a project's size by the level of its importance to our clients, and by that criteria, we have yet to encounter a "small job". If it is important to you, it is most definitely important to us!

To see a more complete list of Andrew’s credits - visit his IMDB profile here.